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"Unlocking Opportunities: Recap of Grow PNG's First Markham Investor Development Forum"

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Hon.Allan Bird,MP.Governor East Sepik Province.Keynote Speech"Agriculture Development Lessons from East Sepik Province"

The Grow PNG Investor Development Forum 2024 serves as a platform to bring together smallholder farmers, landowners ,Incorporated land groups, local and global investors, industry experts, government representatives, and business leaders with the aim of exploring agricultural investment opportunities in the Markham Valley. The forum seeks to foster connections between the Markham and Ramu Valleys landowning-farmer communities and potential agribusiness investors, facilitating partnerships across sectors such as palm oil, rice, cocoa, cattle, and other agribusinesses. By hosting informative sessions and interactive panel discussions, the forum highlights the Markham Valley as a prime location for investment and Agribusiness growth.


Over 200 people attended the forum

56% were smallholder farmers ,landowners and Incorporated Land Groups

44% were local and international stakeholders and investors

25% of the attendees were women

Maximizing Agricultural Potential

Importance of Private Investments

Effective Government Action

Empowering Landowners and Smallholders


Outcomes Of The Forum

The forum facilitated collaborative solutions and engagements to energize investment and create deals between investors and landowner groups in the Markham and Ramu Valleys Corridor.

Several specific engagements happened after the forum. Grow PNG will continue to  facilitate them to completion ,fostering long-term partnerships and initiatives that will sustainably drive growth and innovation in the agricultural sector, benefiting both investors and local communities alike.

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