Short Term Business, Supply Chain and Agribusiness Consultants

Grow PNG is now embarking on identifying improvements within the supply chain from farm to market of crops and livestock currently in trade within the Markham valley agriculture economic corridor. It is hoped that these improvements within the supply chain will increase outputs and 
income opportunities for all stakeholders within the supply chain and importantly farming families.

Grow PNG seeks consultant(s) to work on identifying the current crops and livestock now in trade within Markham valley, their supply chains from farm to market, and their problems and challenges, and offer possible solutions for improvements. This work will commence early August 2021.Download the Terms of Reference.

Short Term Business and Agribusiness Consultants

Grow PNG has worked in the number of fronts to unlock agriculture and livestock development in the Markham valley. It has started with unlocking Land for Development, and has developed a Land Access Guide for farmers, ILG and local landowner groups, and is conducting training and 
awareness to those groups. It has also conducted soil sampling and testing and have developed satellite imagery of the valley pinpointing to possible sites for development. On agribusiness MSME, it has started work on improving access to markets, technology, and finance among others. 

Grow PNG is now embarking on establishing groundwork to attracting crops and cattle specific investments in the Markham valley. This first lots of work will be on Peanut, Frozen Taro, Cocoa, Cattle, Maize/Corn, and plant and animal based fiber.


Grow PNG now seeks possible consultancy work on these six (6) different but related areas. The consultant(s) may bid for all, or part of this work in; developing survey instruments, administering surveys, data analysis with supporting literature reviews, development of business cases, and 
support disseminate of those in various forums, seminars, dialogues and workshops. This work will commence end of July 2021.Download the
Terms of Reference.


National Consultant - Gender Mainstreaming Workshop Program

One of Grow PNG’s Focus Area is to promote gender equality by highlighting the challenges faced by women in agriculture and ensuring gender-neutrality when engaging in work programs and sharing outcomes. Grow PNG will focus on supporting its partners’ programs and practices for the female population in the Markham valley and provide support for women who depend on agriculture for an income. It will help partners improve or enhance their own programs by generating awareness, facilitating knowledge-sharing, training, and sharing tools about gender mainstreaming and inclusion.

Grow PNG is now embarking on conducting Gender Mainstreaming workshop to facilitate knowledge sharing and create awareness on gender inclusion and women’s economic empowerment practices for key farmers, landowners, and important stakeholders within the agribusiness supply chain within its Markham valley footprint area.

A training consultant specialising in Mainstreaming Gender is now sought to develop a workshop/training program and facilitate knowledge sharing among our stakeholders and generate awareness on gender inclusion and women’s economic empowerment within the Markham Agriculture Corridor. This work will commence in August 2021. Download the Terms of Reference.


National Consultant - The Land Access Guide - Training and Awareness

Grow PNG Ltd through its Land Access Working Group comprising stakeholders from Government, Land Owners, Agribusiness and others have developed a Land Access Guide (LAG), and launched in 2021 with the support of Member for Markham, Hon Konni Iguan and supported by the Australian Government Consul in Lae.


Grow PNG Ltd is now taking a step further to ensure this Land Access Guide is understood by all stakeholders and applied in a practical manner so the 90% of the Land in Markham is made available for Agriculture and Livestock development. This will increase household incomes for the Markham valley families in a substantial manner. Grow PNG will be embarking on training key stakeholders within the Markham valley on how to use this guide.  

A training and consultancy company is sought to develop a training program based on this land access guide, and also to train a range of key stakeholders within the valley, and critical others, on how best land maybe access for development. This work will commence in July 2021. Download the Terms of Reference.