The corridor is on a pathway to rapid agricultural sector expansion driven by a range of crops including palm oil, rice, cassava and sorghum. Much of the corridor’s agricultural potential remains untapped, but a growing local population and demand from Asia creates significant opportunities and scope for development. 

Message from Grow PNG's Executive Director

Interventions into the agriculture sector of Papua New Guinea recognises that over 80% of the population is rural based, whose dominant preoccupation is subsistence farming, raising livestock, food and vegetables for immediate consumption. Interventions at different levels must include understanding the persistent outlook and actions required to change it, identifying important stakeholders and how they can contribute to making the changes and progress.


Grow PNG Ltd made its mark in the agriculture sector in June 2019, with the noble notion of building partnerships with various key stakeholders. Designed around the Grow Asia model, which is supported by the World Economic Forum and ASEAN, Grow PNG focuses on growers and farmers, existing agribusinesses and stakeholders in the value chain and identify the mutual benefits they can bring.


The principle for Grow PNG is to ensure that the stakeholders, whether they are growers or agribusinesses, can drive action to address issues that are important to them. Our on part, we coordinate, support and empower through leadership to raise awareness and to deliver results which addresses those issues.


We want to do so by establishing working groups around important issues such as land access, small to medium enterprises development, financial inclusivity, and market access. In the design phase of this partnership, it became very clear to us that what was needed was a mechanism which would ensure that important issues discussed are followed through for actions to be taken. The stakeholders also requested for feedback on bottleneck progresses to make sure strong ownerships of the issues are taken, and that continuity prevails in the course of addressing issues.


It is our hope at Grow PNG to fulfil those expectations. The priority action now is to work on establishing the first working group, Land Access. With them, our challenge lies in clear articulation in certain areas of the partnership ranging from their role, expectations, important issues to , and critical players to involved in this process. We then need to ensure that we define our focus, to achieve strong support within the stakeholders to enhance the credibility of our intentions and our intended processes.

Ivan Pomaleu, OBE

Executive Director

Grow PNG 

Grow Asia is a unique multi-stakeholder partnership platform that brings together farmers, governments, the private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders in Southeast Asia to lift the productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability of smallholder agriculture in the region.


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