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The SME Working Group was established in 2020 and held its first meeting on 29 September. Its objective is to identify existing farmer groups by priority crops, and assess and establish understanding of growth opportunities, constraints, and skills capacity gap of farmer groups. After undergoing capacity training to be facilitated by training service providers, farmer groups would be linked with agribusinesses to facilitate access to markets and partnerships. This model will inevitably build up crop-specific activities, which may subsequently result in the possible establishment of crop-specific Working Groups


Grow PNG's participated in the Women in Business and National Women's Day program held on March 25th-26th, 2024, at Sir Ignatius Stadium in Morobe Province. The event began with an invigorating Annual General Meeting centered around the theme "Invest in Women - Accelerate Progress," followed by a solidarity walk honoring women's achievements and resilience on March 26th, National Women's Day. 


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