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Grow PNG establishes action-oriented Working Groups to collaborate around shared agriculture challenges and barriers to growth in the Markham Valley agricultural corridor. The team will work with a range of sector stakeholders on issues from land titling to infrastructure needs and skills development. Grow PNG will consult partners and proceed to establish a new Working Group when there is demonstrated interest and alignment with Grow PNG’s goal and principles.

Working Groups


The Land Access Working Group was established to address land access challenges in the Markham region, convening stakeholders from agribusinesses, the PNG government, civil society, and Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Their primary goal is to develop a comprehensive Land Access Guide, supplemented by appendices, facilitating mutually beneficial arrangements between landowners and agribusinesses. Additionally, the group aims to propose a new dispute resolution mechanism and establish a Land Audit Database to unlock the growth potential of the agricultural sector in the region, fostering sustainable development and inclusive growth.


Following the success of the Land Access Working Group, Grow PNG initiated the SME Working Group to focus on small to medium enterprises (SME) development in agriculture within the Markham area. Comprising stakeholders such as traditional landowners, landowner associations, agribusinesses, NGOs, and government agencies, this group identifies and addresses challenges hindering SME development. Their responsibilities include understanding prevailing SME challenges, developing strategies, creating awareness of business models and market requirements, organizing seminars, disseminating support, and coordinating follow-up actions to promote commercial development and SME participation in agriculture.


Grow PNG prioritizes supporting programs targeting women in the Markham Valley, particularly those dependent on agriculture. The organization plans to enhance existing programs through awareness, knowledge-sharing, training, and provision of tools for gender mainstreaming and inclusion. Activities include gender-focused training workshops, documenting successful gender inclusion practices, and promoting exemplary women farmers and agribusiness owners. These efforts aim to foster gender equality, empowerment, and inclusion within Papua New Guinea and across the broader Grow Asia network.

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